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A2115 / 2019 / Prozessoren vom 3,0 GHz 6-core i5 bis zum 3,6 GHz 8-core i9. Kam am 19. März 2019 auf den Markt.

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Change cpu iMac 2019 from i5 8500 to i9

I'm wondering to buy imac 2019 27inch mmr12, or mrq12, does the both imac support i9 9900k?(9900) or it has different cooling systems?

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This is the list of the systems in this series: iMac19,1


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All the systems in the series use the exact same cooling system (heat sink & fan)

At this point I doubt anyone has altered their system. And frankly I don’t recommend you do it either until your warranty coverage has expired. Even then there are risks! IF you don’t use the correct tools and techniques you can damage the display assembly just in the process of opening the system. You would need to fully remove the logic board to gain access to the CPU socket. The iMac heat sink is a bit tough getting back on and you could damage the logic board in the process.

Video Card is the biggest difference Radeon Pro 575X Vs a Radeon Pro 580X (I would want the better GPU)

27” iMac pricing

So is the cost difference (aprox. $300) that much when you add in the added cost of the replacement CPU, needed tools and supplies? I would just buy the better system if thats what you want.

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Hi, I have just done the upgrade from iMac 27 2019, i5 8500k to i9 9900kf.

You must be very careful changing the cpu, it’s easy to damage the pins under the cpu. Puting back the cooler is the hardest part of the surgery. Also no heat problem or full speed running fan. Everything’s running smooth for now.

I also install Samsung 980 pro with the hope that it runs at full speed, but there is no benefit at all. Because it’s not running at full speed. You don’t get more than 3000 write and read speed because of Pcie 3.0 x4.

So I put back my Samsung 970 evo and happy with it for now.

It’s worth doing it, your iMac gets really fast and you can keep it longer :). I guess this is the last iMac models you can modify…

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Be aware Apple uses the onboard Intel graphics during boot up startup which is why you should stick with the i9-9900K Vs the i9-9900Kf

These commands won't work! Mac startup key combinations


No worries all commands works well to.


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