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Dies ist die 6. Generation der Moto G Reihe von Motorola. Dieses Smartphone kam 2018 auf den Markt und verfügt über eine Glasrückseite, die leichter auszubauen ist, als bei Samsung Smartphones. Die Modellnummern sind XT1925-4, XT1925-5, XT1925-6, XT1925-12 und XT1925DL.

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The back of my phone is cracked what can you do

The back of my phone is cracked bad. Can you repair it?

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Usually yes,but it’s very difficult to do,especially if you haven’t done it before. Since it’s the back,I’d strongly recommend leaving it alone,unless you want to pay a ton of money on a phone that costs less than many out there. I believe they use loca glue(clear glue that solidifies with usb light),as they use it on some lcd screens to hold the digitizer or cover glass on. The back would be hard to replace,and in doing so,you may make it worse,and give up. Any repair place would probably charge more than it’s worth. It shouldn’t be noticeable in a case however.

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