Charger LED does not light


I have a 2015 Macbook Pro, it does not turn me on and I am unable to diagnose what is wrong.

At first I thought it was the charger, but I bought a new officer and still has the same problem.

Strange things he does:

· I have tested with several chargers and in several outlets, the magsafe light does not light in any color in most of the times. Once I tried it with the charger of a store turned on the LED and when you get home and plug it again seemed to work properly, the LED was kept on, the mac charged and lit, but the next day he was back in the same state.

· When I plug it in if the battery is connected it does not do anything, if I uncouple the connector of the battery it is seen that the fan turns on, it turns and it stops again but at no moment it comes to start or illuminate the screen nor any sound of start.

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