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Mr. Potato Head is an American toy consisting of a plastic model of a potato which can be decorated with a variety of plastic parts that can attach to the main body.

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How can I replace a battery in a talking Mr. Potato Head PH-177

how can i replace a battery in a tallking mr potato head ph-177

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Any issues you encountered?

Not sure if this is yours,

It seems from the pictures is just 4 x AA Batteries


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very nice find.


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I have the same problem. Did you find out how to replace the batteries on this?

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Yes. After researching the product, I determined that there is no way to replace the battery. It comes factory installed so once the battery dies, you either use the toy as is or dispose of it. Since they stopped manufacturing this version of Mr. Potato Head many years ago, none of them work anymore. Sorry!


Hey! I still have one and it has a barely-audible voice! 😂 Battery has “lasted” almost 30 years!


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