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Cobra 29 LTD Classic. 2-way 40 channel CB radio. Features antenna warning indicator, SWR calibration, instant Channel 9, PA capability, dimmer control, switchable noise blanker and RF gain.

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Why does it quit sending and receiving

corba cb at times wont transmit or receive then it will start working again

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Anything look wrond with the antenna?


Maybe in your area there some interference or noises with same frequency.


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This problem can occur when the antenna wire is corroded away from the brass fitting that is screwed into the antenna mount nut. With a Firestik type antenna that has the wire covered by the plastic coating you must expose the wire by cutting away the plastic. Check for a broken wire. Emergency repair; pull wire down, fasten down with small hose clamp onto brass fitting.

Check for a bad microphone. Substitute a good working Mic to see if the problem goes away. Wires break close to the plug that goes into the radio. Working over a clean white towel remove the two screws from the clamp, remove the one screw from the body, separate the chrome body from the end of the plug by giving it a small twist and pulling. On a standard four pin microphone you will have four wires that should all be connected to the plug. If one wire is broken the radio will Not work properly. Map out what color wires go where. Cut back to good wire, strip the plastic 1/4 inch, (tin, (solder) the ends of the wire) resolder the connections, put the plug back together. That should fix a mic problem.

Sometimes the wire comes loose/broken on the coax.

Sometimes the wire comes loose from the back of the coax plug or on the radio’s board. Older radios may have the wax in the PLL section cause a poor connection in that area. Melt out wax (hair dryer) and resolder the connections with a small soldering tip. Rosen core solder.

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