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An official derivative of Ubuntu Linux using the XFCE interface. This version of Ubuntu is signifigantly lighter then Ubuntu and is recommended for older systems that may struggle with Ubuntu.

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SMS listo telephone stopped working from browser

Hi, my telephone program, SMS listo… which is important to me, stopped working from both Firefox and Chromium browsers… I though that the problem might be the system. How can I repair, or reinstall xubuntu that runs on a dual boot laptop computer, without killing Windows 10 ? I am still a beginner on linux systems…

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I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask here since you have two questions in one. I personally haven’t tried out the application you mentioned since it requires some form of payment in order to work, but upon looking at the website you probably could get it to work if you use the Windows version of Firefox/Chrome under Wine.

As far as making it dual-boot, there’s no single answer that fits all since there’s specific instructions for systems with UEFI or BIOS firmware, though for the most part, Canonical and its community has been very good with setting this up for *buntu systems. However, making backups before you proceed with anything will definitely help before you decide to (re)install Ubuntu.

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Sorry... but I gave a reason for my question and did only ask one question:

"How can I repair, or reinstall xubuntu that runs on a dual boot laptop computer, without killing Windows 10 ?"

The system is with UEFI.


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