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Installing SSD- tool & cloning

Hi dear community,

After receiving wonderful help from kind expert Dan and trying out my luck on my old macbook unibody 2008, I have decided to reach further and buy myself a used 2012 mac mini, which I would get tomorrow.

Question 1: about material : do I need the Logic Board Removal Tool to just swap the 500 Go HDD to the new 500 Go SDD ? I know I need the spudger so I will get one.

Question 2: ''Do I have to mind how big the SSD model I will choose is? I saw that the OWC model used in a couple of old videos showing the procedure is quite bulky and seems unpractical.

Question 3: my future mac mini has been erased and reset at the apple store by the genius to its original OS (I guess Lion?) Do I really need to copy that old OS to the new SSD, update the system to Mojave then add my data (process 1) ? Or is it possible to simply use the Time Machine drive that I am using on my 2013 macbook air to get Mojave + all my current data onto the new SDD in one go (process 2) ? Or is it silly to ponder ? Sorry if it is.

Thanks a million for the person who will answer me.

Long live the right to repair!

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Wenig Aufwand, große Wirkung.

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Wenig Aufwand, große Wirkung.

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Hi Laura!

I do recommend getting the puller it makes removal easier Mac mini Logic Board Removal Tool. You might just look at getting the Mac mini Unibody SSD Upgrade Bundle which gives you all the needed tools. Here’s the guide you’ll need to follow Mac mini Ende 2012 Festplatte ersetzen

As far as the size of the SSD, I just did a mini with two 4 TB SSD drives! So the capacity of the drive can be quite large if you need deeper storage.

As far as how to prep your new drive. The easiest way is to setup a bootable OS installer following either of these guides

I do recommend sticking with Sierra as being the better OS for this system as its SATA based so the older file system runs better on it (HFS+) vs the newer one in Mojave (APFS). I don’t recommend running High Sierra as it has issues.

Once the OS is installed you can then use Migration Assistant to copy off your user account, apps & data over to your new system. There are a few different ways to do this. You could use Target Disk Mode between your two systems, You can also just use your TimeMachine backup drive. Or using a USB to SATA adapter case/cable you can connect the original drive to your system (this is the case in the upgrade kit)

Here’s more on the different methods

Mac mini Logic Board Removal Tool Bild


Mac mini Logic Board Removal Tool


Mac mini Unibody SSD Upgrade Bundle Bild


Mac mini Unibody SSD Upgrade Bundle


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Dan, you are really so good! Thanks for replying to me! I will review your steps one by one once I get the mini.

About what you said for Mojave VS Sierra, I was a bit disappointed : I thought I would get a used 2012 mini, instead of a 2011, because the first could be under Mojave and the other not....

Did you mean that Sierra is more reliable, and Mojave more unstable for this mac mini ? I mostly do emails, youtube and a couple of videos in Photos and I quite enjoy typing something on my iPhone and finding it on my mac afterwards...



Mojave will work on your system and Apple does support it. If Apple didn't mess with the file system Mojave is quite nice!

Apple forced Boot drives to APFS with Mojave and didn't offer a way to stick with HPS+

As of late Apple has been over reaching a bit. Not sure if this is on purpose or not.


HI Dan, thank you so much !!! I am glad to report I finished the swapping of the HDD for 1Tb SSD last night - it was pretty much scary ALL THE WAY. Having the Mako bit set is a relief, though. I did lose a screw from the HDD, and could not find it. I had to take the two from my old macbook to complete the installation. I do not know if these 2 were absolutely necessary to secure the SSD in the mini...

The system is running seemingly ok as of today, which is hurrah for me!

Your instructions were enlightening as usual, especially when it came to make a bootable Mojave - much easier than what Apple explains.

1 question: I can't seem to be able to run Diagnostics at the booting time- Tried command+D, tried D. Called Apple support which claims D works. Is it because the wireless keyboard takes a few seconds to connect to the Mac mini? What do you think?



Is that what their telling people ;-} Well you could scare up a USB keyboard but thats not the real reason. If it was then the MacBook Pro's wouldn't have an issue too!

Apple altered the systems firmware and broke the onboard diagnostics! So when you upgraded the OS installer did you in Sorry!


OH no! I turned down one seller as he claimed he could not run Diagnostics on his 2012 mini and another with a 2012 macbook. I kept thinking: if they are honest, they can and will, since Apple told me we CAN do it. .. SO APPLE LIED TO ME ? (cough cough) WHY?

The mini I eventually bought was actually examined and reset at an apple store by a very scrupulous seller who understood I would not buy it if I had no proof...

So, Dan, there is no way I can check I hurt my Mac mini right, except if I see something s wrong from living with it?


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