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Acer TravelMate is a line of business-oriented laptops introduced in 1997. The TravelMate B115 was introduced in 2014.

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has power but no display

i already reheat the chip, ram is ok, lcd is ok.

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If you can use the laptop with an external display, then the display cable is lose on the mother board.

unscrew the bottom lid and reseat the display cable. you may need to take the old sticky tape off and reapply new sticky tape on top of the connection while applying some tension to it. these come out all the time especially with excessive opening and closing of the lid.


I've seen the cable come halfway loose on the back of the LCD itself as well. Easy enough to pop off the bezel and remove the 4 screws to check that connector as well.

Should also take a good look at the hinges and see if any of the cable is visible or if the bezel is being pushed off the frame. This could mean the cable itself it physically damaged.


RONALD MANLUPIG what did you check before you "reheat the chip"? Which chip?


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If trying onboard display (connecting the monitor to the mobo back panel) still not having any display could be a serious problem.

Try clearing CMOS and try onboard VGA again. If it's still not displaying, it could be that the motherboard or monitor died.

Or check out these methods to see if they are helpful.

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