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Repair information for KitchenAid dishwashers.

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dishwasher dose not fill with water

dishwasher dose not fill with water on first cycle

Update (07/26/2019)

it is a kitchen aide mo # KUDB23OBO it fills on second cycle ,not on first cycle

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does it fill at all?


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Hey Albert.

You didn’t give the mgfr or model number for your appliance, so all I can tell you at this point is a couple of possibilities.

You have to have decent water pressure supplied to the appliance. You could have a leak or obstruction in the plumbing leading to the dishwasher that might be responsible for a low water pressure situation.

On some models there is a float switch that can go bad, too, preventing any water from coming into the washer.

But the most common culprits for these issues is a bad water inlet valve or clogged filter.

Hope this helps.

Update (07/26/2019)

Thanks Albert.

If you haven’t tried to reset or reboot the appliance I would first give this a shot. Simply cut the power supply to the unit off for about 5 minutes, and then see if this corrects the problem. If not, sounds to me like your problem may be with the timer. Water is coming in and the unit is cycling correctly, etc., from the 2nd cycle to the end. If that’s correct, it tells us the all the components involved must be working properly, except for the thing signalling the initial start cycle to begin, which would be the timer. This part is located in the control panel section atop the door. A diagram for your model indicates the part number for this timer is 9742173.

Hope this might help. Good Luck.

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