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Aktualisierte Version des Retina MacBook 2015. Modell A1534, EMC 2991.

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Substitute of the thermopaste on MacBook 12

Dear colleagues. I have removed the old not working thermal paste from the processor on my macbook 12 retina 2016. Can one recommend the proper substitute ?

it should be thick and non conductive and without epsilon

since after going outside the cover it can affect even isolated contacts.

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@zhvladimir - You are correct you need a different kind of thermal material. You need a gapping type one that can span a small distance.

Most thermal paste is designed to fill the micropores of the metal surfaces on tightly pressed surfaces of the heat sink and chip surfaces.

Here the CPU’s heat is dissipated across the lower case as the heat well Vs a Heat sink design which transfers the heat to a radiator which then pushes the heat out via a fan.

Here the gap can’t exceed .25 mm, the efficiency drops as you add distance between the two surfaces. This is the material I use on these systems Dow Corning - 340 White Heat Sink Compound you can get a smaller quantity here MG Chemicals 860-60G

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Could i use a thermal pad instead?


This is one of the places you need a gapping paste. A thermal pad doesn't flex and if you put too thick pad the logic board can get stressed causing it to fail, and using to thin a pad won't offer the needed heat transfer.


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Normally those computer enthusiastic will recommend you to get arctic silver thermal paste / compound.

ifixit sells those

[verlinktes Produkt fehlt oder ist deaktiviert: IF179-010]


another alternative which I feel is quite good too…


Instructions to apply thermal paste


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Thanks for the advice, but it is definitely the wrong paste for that. It has nontrivial epsilon to affect the capacity and it is not thick.


I would like to hear the answer of the person who changes this paste in macbook 12 retina!


@salmonjapan - There are three types of materials used to transfer heat across two surfaces. The Thermal Paste we find on CPU & GPU chips, Thermal Pads which is often used on GPU video RAM chips and the last which is rarely used is a Gapping Thermal Paste unlike thermal paste which is designed to fill the micropores of the surfaces with very little material between the surfaces a gapping paste is designed for spanning a small distance. This is one of the very few places in computers that need this type of paste.


Hmm @danj thanks for the info, i thought is just the cpu die and heatsink fan coupling together.

thanks for the tips :) your answer were good... up yours :D


@salmonjapan - You just got unlucky here to get one of the very few cases a gapping paste is needed.


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You will like the solution from here


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