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The Hoover LiNX is a cordless vacuum cleaner. The vacuum uses interchangeable fade-free lithium-ion batteries that allows this device to be used everywhere and on multiple floor types. The Hoover LiNX uses Hoovers WindTunnel® 3 Technology which uses three channels for suction to suck up debris.

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Why is my vacuum not picking up dirt? Brush is spinning ok.

Why is my vacuum not picking up dirt? The brush seems to be turning ok.

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because the tube from the head to the trap if full of "stuff" I came to this forum hoping to figure out how to take it apart and empty it.


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Most probably a loss of suction:

See this video on how to get it to suck.


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Good afternoon,

I'm having a similar issue. I've taken it apart and cleaned it. No blockages. The roller spins on max power mode. However, I get no power on regular mode (first switch). No suction. I believe I should get be getting suction from here?? Thanks for any help in advance!

Block Image

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