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Released in 2009, this device has a 4 digit back-lit digital display, AM/FM radio and a CD player.

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Why has it stopped playing my CDs?

After working well for a few days, the unit has now stopped playing my CDs. The CD spins, but there is no sound. Three dashes (- - -) on the display blink, then the display says “No”. Radio portion seems to be fine.

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Hi @pi123

had you tried testing with other CDs?

If so and it is not working well, most probably the lens mechanism is faulty.

If it is under warranty, send in for service.

Else consider getting a quote on the the cd traverse mechanism / lens.

im not sure about this model, but if you want to DIY to fix it, consider opening up to the lens / traverse mechanism

hopefully there are part numbers which you can try searching in ebay / aliexpress, etc

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