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Das OnePlus 6T ist ein Android Smartphone von OnePlus. Angekündigt wurde es am 29. Oktober 2018 und erschien dann am 6. November 2018.

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What is an "LCD Assembly"?

I was just wondering what is an LCD assembly because when I sent out my phone for repair they sent this back:

Issue noted: Volume button damage  has caused issues to the LCD assembly not allowing the button to seat properly. The LCD assembly will need to be replaced

Total Cost for repairs: $  142.36”

That price is way too much so I was wondering if it was possible to fix it myself

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When I dropped my phone, it did leave a dent on the button and the casing of the phone as well, so that caused the button unable to be pressed. There was no damage done to the screen or the LCD at all, the only problem was that the button was dented. I sent my device the "Acer Service Corporation (OnePlus Service Provider)"


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Most LCD’s are called assembly when the screen is paired with the frame of the phone. From the looks of this, it’s almost similar to the Samsung devices.

If the frame of the device has been bent/damage, there is a chance that the LCD repair may not go well if the LCD cannot sit properly on the frame. This is when you get a LCD Assembly to replace screen and frame together.

Can you replace it yourself?

- OF COURSE!!! I’m sure you can find the part anywhere online, depending on your location. Here is one from Witrigs (https://www.witrigs.com/replacement-part... )

If you are confident to do the repairs go for it! The cost of the screen is almost the same.

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Did your phone get an impact mark that is causing the volume button not to be able to be pressed? The LCD is the screen assembly, meaning that the damage to the button has effected the screen somehow. Where did you send it to be replaced?

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