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The TJ series of Wranglers from the years of 1997-2006.

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I have a flooded spark plug after a compete tune-up.

I recently bought a ‘98 Wrangler, noticed it was running a little rough and so replaced the spark plugs, wires, and distributer cap. Noticed one of the plugs was flooded with fuel. 50 miles later, now the new plug in the same spot is flooded as well. No smoke, just a crappy start with the flooded plug. What could be causing the flood? 2.5l 4cyl engine.

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Jaime Allen  if it is always flooding on the same cylinder you want to make sure that you have spark on that cylinder. same idea as on here Obviously different engine but same principle. If you do have spark etc. you want to perform a leakdown test to see if it is your valves on that cylinder that give you trouble.

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