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Model M2453 or M6411 / 300, 366, or 466 MHz G3 processor

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How to Reset Password on OS 9 1.1?


I have OS 9 1.1 and can’t get in because I do not know the password. How can I get in, change the password or do away with the password?

Thank you!

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The serial number, the only number I could find on the computer, is called my Family No.: M2453.

Thank you!


Actually, I did locate the serial number. It is UV0047EMHZS.


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The change name software was generally on the system installation disk.

Lets first identify your exact machine. For that we need your serial number.

UPDATE 8/15/19

You have a :

Apple iBook G3/366 SE (Original/Clamshell) Specs

Identifiers: Original/Clamshell - M7716LL/A - PowerBook2,1 - M2453 -  N/A

Pre-Installed MacOS:8.6*Maximum MacOS:X 10.3.9

Tell me about the 9.1.1 installation disk you are using, is it a retail version or a grey (machine specific) disk. If grey, please list the Apple part number located on the lower left side of the disk.

UPDATE 8/16/19

Let me find the disk, probably get back to you on Monday. To change the password:

Place in in optical drive, press the start button, immediately push the disk all the way in and hold down the C key.

Go to the installation page and start the install. On the next page the pull down menu will appear. Go to Utilities and pull down to "Change Password. Follow directions then reboot and use the new password.

UPDATE 8/21/19

These look the ones I have are only for the iMac

Block Image

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Sorry, no idea as I can’t get pass the Enter

Password box.


@dawn1 do you not have an installation disk, a DVD? I have one of these machines around here somewhere. Are you wanting to use it or retrieve data? I may need to send you a disk ;-)


I need to retrieve data. Checked and do not have a disc. Is the disc the only way to bypass the password and get into the computer?


The hard drive can be pulled and put into an external IDE enclosure, hooked up to another Mac and accessed that way but I'm don't remember if the User folder can be opened that way. Now this machine will boot into a 10.3 system and/or 8.6>9.2.2. Do you know what system is installed? I may have an original system installation for that machine but will have to dig for it.


It says OS9 1.1. If u think disc is the way & you can provide exact instructions on how to bypass password w disc then I would be happy to pay for it. I just really want to get into the computer. Thanks!


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I've got a apple g3 ibook powershell 1999. I have not got my password. Os x10. And I cannot get past the pw set up. Can anyone help please? Where can I buy a disc ? Model M6497. Thank you.

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