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Eighth generation of the Honda Civic.

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How to fix driver's side axle leak?

My driver’s side axle is leaking fluid on a 2011 Honda Civic. Can the seal be replaced and if so what seal do I need, or do I have to replace the entire CV axle?

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The CV axle won’t need to be replaced if it is simply the leaking seal, but you will need to remove the wheel, brake caliper and the CV axle itself to access the seal. There are videos on YouTube of the process step-by-step, and I can try to answer any additional questions. As far as what kind of seal you need, your local auto parts store will have it in stock. You’ll need to add some transmission fluid to compensate for the leak and for what you’ll lose during the repair. Be sure to get Honda specific ATF. You’ll need to get this from the dealer. Hondas are picky about their fluids and you don’t want to put a generic transmission fluid in them. As far as tools, you’ll need at least a jack, jack stands, basic hand tools, a pry bar, seal puller, and seal installation tool. All of these should be available at the auto parts store and some of the specialty tools may be available to rent. Hope this was helpful, good luck with your repairs!

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I have access to a lift and any tools I could ever need at the auto hobby shop here on base. (active duty perks) thanks for the reply! Ill check in town for the seal in the morning.


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@emcoasty the seal can be replaced without replacing the complete drive axle. Take a look at this==>>Honda Civic Driveline Repair

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Awesome video! Thanks for the reply.


@emcoasty Video? what video :-))


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