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Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation, 5 Natural Sounds & Radio. Released in April 2017. Model number: HF3520/60.

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Snooze is not working

Does anyone knows which part is for the snooze? My snooze is no more working.

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Underneath the white disk there is a microphone (a black round cylinder with a hole in it) that is activated when the alarm goes off.

Block Image

The white disk transmits the noise (caused by the tapping on the housing) to the microphone which snoozes the alarm.

So it could be that either the microphone is defective or that is simply blocked by a speck of dust.

I just blew into into it and it worked again.

I do not know how easy it is to replace the microphone, as I have not yet take the lamp apart (it still has warranty)

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Yes i also found this part and thought about this but i was not really sure about it but i think i will order an Replacment microphone and will play arround with it :)


Have you also tried how much the plastic parts need to be vibrating at yours?


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Hi I think I found out the problem. There is a Piezo vibration sensor and it's oxidized. Have you seen at which position the sensor is at yours? I think there could be some with the sensor on the right side.

Info the sensor is 20mm diameter.

Block Image

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