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Repair information for the Sony Bravia 4K 55" Ultra High Definition Smart LED TV. Released in 2019. Model number: XBR-55X950G.

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No power my tv

I need help no power tv and power 6 times led red

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What is the model number of the TV?

Try disconnecting the power from the TV for 5 minutes and then reconnect and switch on and check the result.

If the TV is plugged into a powerstrip, disconnect it from the powerstrip, wait 5 minutes and then reconnect it straight into a wall outlet and check the result.

If it still doesn't work it may be a backlight power problem.

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If it's a backlight power problem, how do you fix it?


Hi @ Paul Rubens,

What is the model number of the TV?

You have to determine where the problem is.

It could be in the power board, it could be in the mainboard not telling the power board to turn on the backlight power or it could be in the LED strips that produce the "light" or it could be in the harnesses that connect the boards or the LED strips.

Not an answer but as you can see you have to find out where the problem is and then find out why.

A lot of power boards will have a cable connected to them leading to the screen area which "may" have LED written next tothe connector on the pcb.

Measure the voltage there and check what you get.

BE CAREFUL it may be in the region of 300V DC if the power is there and the backlights aren't working.

If you don't know how to use a DMM and test voltages that may be this high then don't. Leave it for the experts. In the end it will be cheaper.


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