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The Microsoft Lumia 540 is a low-cost smartphone identified by model number RM 1141.

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How can I Recover data without PC?


So I have a Microsoft phone (model: RM-1090)

And there is an issue. I need to recover files and images because they were deleted after a hard reset. Problem is, that I cannot charge this device with an ordinary charger because the usb (on the device) is not functioning. So everytime I want to charge the device I have to manually remove the battery and charge it, in an external charger.

The usb not functioning means that I cannot connect my phone to a pc so I can recover the data.

Is there any way, to do the recovery procedure inside the phone without using pc?

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Hi ,

Since the phone is working have you thought about using Bluetooth to transfer content etc to a paired BT device?

Here's a link that may help.

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