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The Asus X551CA is a 396.2 mm laptop computer with convenient features for everyday use.

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How to remove damaged screws?

Might not be specific to this exact laptop model, but I am wondering if anyone has any methods for removing damaged or “stripped” screws. Need to take out 8 screws from this laptop so that I can get to the battery, but it has proven difficult due to damage and only 3 were easily removed. I’ve tried the rubberband method and I’ve tried drilling into them. At this point, I wouldn’t oppose prying it open if I can get almost all of the screws out… any tips?

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Took part in a conversation covering that same topic a few days ago at:


May or may not be of some use. :-)


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What style heads are on the screws, and I assume you mean the heads are stripped, not the actual threads? Most often I see folks trying to use Allen hex wrenches in what are actually Torx-style heads and they ruin the head. Sometimes you can fit a smaller or larger Torx bit into the damaged head and get enough torque on it to start turning. If the head of the screw is accessible and not too deeply recessed, you can try to use a Dremel tool and cut a slot for a blade-style screwdriver.

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