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The Nokia E63 is a quad-band GSM that includes UMTS support. Is is released in 2008.

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Why is My Nokia e63 not charging?

please i need help and advice.

I plugged in my e63 today and it showed that it was charging. After that the screen went off and it refused to on. Before the, the charging port worked perfectly.

I had to boost the battery with desktop and i switched on the phone. I discovered that if i plug the phone, the blue light indicator on the charger switches off and when i remove it, it switches back on. Sometimes i will plug the phone and it will charge for a second and immediately stop charging.

Please what can i do?? Can i fix it or should i leave it and continue charging it using desktop??

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No on mobile switch off

=== Update (08/11/23) ===

Charged but no on mobile


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It could be a few thinks

The battery itself

The cable your are using

The dock charging connector

Are you sure the screen is itself OK??

Do you have to move the charging cable in the port to get it to charge ??

can you move the charging cable from side to side in the charging dock connector??

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