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Asus Zenbook 3 UX490UAR not turning on

I just bought this laptop 1-2 months ago I mainly use it for school.

When i press the power button the power button to turn the laptop on the power, F2 (airplane mode), and caps lock lights turn on but the display does not. Im having this issue for 1 day now. This issue really surprises me because the laptop was working normally the day before this issue started.

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Hey what happened now to your laptop? I have facing the same problem to my laptop..

Is it the charger that faulty?


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Check if that specific laptop (hopefully there’s a model number under it) has a port that outports a display and connect it to a tv or monitor to see if there’s any image, if so then it could be just the display needs replacing.

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I think this is the serial number of the laptop: UX490UAR


looking at the specs looks like you will need a thunderbolt 3 to DisplayPort adapter, or a hub that has the connection if that's more money efficient, a displayport cable, and a monitor that has that connection, if not then an adapter to preferably hdmi.


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