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JBL Flip 4 tragbarer Lautsprecher. IPX7-wasserdichter Bluetooth-Lautsprecher, der mit dem CES Innovation Award 2017 ausgezeichnet wurde.

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My JBL Flip 4 charges but won't turn on

This afternoon I used the JBL Flip 4 and it worked, until in the evening when it started to go off by itself after a few minutes. Then, I turned it off and it won’t turn on anymore. When I connect it to the PC the battery lights are all on.

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Might want to read the following thread.

My JBL Flip 4 doesn't turn on and charge..


I don't really get a clear solution for this, the speaker charges without any sound and can't be turned on


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If your JBL Flip 4 speaker refuses to turn on, see the JBL Flip 4 Won’t Turn On problem page for possible causes and solutions.

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My JBL speaker comes on the last show is fully charge but it will not connect to the radio shows on the Bluetooth is connected

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I’m just trying to find out what’s wrong with my JBL speaker why I want to connect where is connected but it won’t play fully charge


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