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Windows not recognizing downloaded screensaver files

Yeah, so my screensaver’s aren’t being recognized. I’ve updated, and restarted my laptop, and still it won’t allow me to configure the screensaver.

Image Below:

Block Image

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Hi @jessicapfawkes ,

Do you get an error message of some sort?

Did you try installing it this way?


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Haha Windows was having a panic attack. Turns out the Screensaver’s auto detected, I don’t need to manually install it.

Thanks for trying to help!

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Not all executable files can simply be renamed to act as a screensaver. When Windows finds a file that appears to be a screensaver, it will expect it to respond appropriately to certain command line arguments, specific to screensavers. If it does not, the file will not be run as a screensaver.

Just to make sure, try a few other screen savers and see if they don’t give you the same problem. If they don’t, then the files you already downloaded may be incompatible with Windows.

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