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JBL Flip 4 tragbarer Lautsprecher. IPX7-wasserdichter Bluetooth-Lautsprecher, der mit dem CES Innovation Award 2017 ausgezeichnet wurde.

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Flip 4 buzzing noise and blinking light with with 'bassy' music

I haven’t seen much debate around this problem, but for the questions I have seen I’m not the only one having it. It goes like this. When I play music with moderate bass, and turn up the volume a bit, the power light starts to flash with the rhythm of the bass, as if the movement of air inside the speaker is affecting a connection or component.

If I leave it like this for some seconds a light turns red and the levels go down as if it had no battery. Finally, after a few more seconds it goes off. If I reconnect it, the battery charge is fine again, the same level it was before the problem started.

I upgraded the software to 3.9 hoping this solved the problem, but keeps the same.

I bought mine at Cash Converters and I'm going to send it to see if they can fix it, but I'm very curious what is the problem exactly. It looks like some loose solder joint or some error in the board.

Here is a video of the light flashing and the buzzing. Hope someone managed to fix it before :)

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If your JBL Flip 4 is making buzzing, crackling, or distorted noises, see the JBL Flip 4 Makes Crackling Noise problem page for possible problems and solutions.

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Thank you Arielle.

In the end the store said it was not possible for them to repair. Yes, I also think at that article suggest that was some electronic problem with the logic board, unfortunately there's no feasible fix for that :(

Thank you anyways!


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Hello Miguel. Sorry for the late reply. I had pretty much the same problem as you. Once I turn up the volume beyond 1/4 or 1/3 it would start to distort, the lowest battery LED would blink red and a short while later it would shut off itself.

This problem was solved by replacing the battery. Good luck. I'd did not upgrade the software as one review mentioned a slight decrease in the bass after the update and I did not want to decrease my bass..

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