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Repair information and disassembly guides for laptops manufactured by Haier.

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Why is my laptop responding/running too slow

I'm owning haier y11c laptop, it takes far more time than usual to respond to my commands, what's the solution?

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Try downloading “Ccleaner” or “Advanced System Care” and running to eliminate minor software issues.

Majorgeeks is a good, safe download site:


Have you run Windows Update ?

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I found now that its basically the problem of mouse, when its in tablet mode then it works absolutely fine. I updated mouse drivers, uninstalled and then reinstalled it again but the problem still persists.


I run windows 10 update, it was in progress when I paused it because I got to know that win update would make my system slow.


Why would Windows Update make your system slow???


@farwajabin Try another mouse.


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This laptop comes with a hard drive. Try installing a SATA m.2 ssd (take a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0QG6zZR... ). Then, clone the HDD C drive onto this ssd and use the m.2 ssd as the primary boot device. This will result in very good boot time and faster speed when loading programs.

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