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Repair and disassembly guides for Acer TravelMate laptops.

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Acer travelmate 8573T is showing black screen after displaying logo

When I start my laptop it shows logo, lockscreen blinks and then displays black screen.

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If you are able to see a logo, then your monitor works. But if the screen goes blank afterwards, then Windows is not loading, and the problem is probably with your Windows installation.

The fix may be to reinstall Windows. To do this, download a Windows ISO file from the Microsoft website. Burn the file to a DVD, boot from the DVD, and follow the prompts.

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May not be the case. For example the screen may be ok for a second and when it heats up it goes completely dead. I believe if it was an os problem it would remain on with an error. I put down not has a software issue but a hardware one


It does give display for a second periodically, when I put password it also got unlocked, I can play music By typing in search box, means its just the display problem otherwise windows is running perfectly alright. How to fix that problem?


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