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Vom Mercedes Typ W123 gab es verschiedene Modelle wie 240D, 300D, 300TD, 280E und mehr. Es handelt sich um Limousinen, Coupés und Kombifahrzeuge aus den Jahren 1977 bis 1985.

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How to remove starter motor for mercedes benz w123 230e

how to remove starter motor for mercedes benz w123 230e, i have unscrewed the bolts and the starter is loose, but it is ver difficult to remove it

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Here’s a video on how to do it:

Mercedes-Benz W123 Starter Replacement


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W123 230E uses engine M102.92#, which has starter mounted to left side of block (viewed from driving position). If the vehicle is left-hand drive variant, removal of steering box-arm (a k a Pitman arm) is suggested to allow necessary clearance for removal. Alternately it may be possible to separate one end of center-link (a k a drag link) from steering arm. If vehicle is right-hand drive version, instead of steering box-arm, the idler-arm is removed from body mount (leave it attached to center-link and tie-rod). Either way, the arm removal allows pulling part of steering linkage downward to provide better access to starter motor.

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On the right hand drive -

I found myself loosening the starter motor, and while the motor was still in situ,

Remove the electrical connectors.

Removing the rear bracket. (This bracket is fastened by an alan bolt and a nut if I remember correctly.)

Remove the bracket and then completely loosen the bolts holding the starter in position.

This will then allow the starter to slide out, this process will require the starter to be moved to the front of the car, tipped at an angle, rotated and extracted by moving towards the rear of the car. ( jiggle it!)

You need small hands, and some stamina to 'keep it up', The starter is heavy and to remove it takes some fiddling.

I attempted on 3 occasions to remove the starter and found it darn difficult.

It was recommended to removed engine brackets etc but I did not feel confident to undertake this task.

I did try extracting by removing the air filter, but that did not work.


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