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Smartwatch von Samsung, im August 2018 veröffentlicht.

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Bezel ring becoming harder to turn.

My turning ring is gaining more and more stiffness and or friction. My assumption is dirt, grit. No more lubrication. Can you service the turning ring without disassembling the entire watch?

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Have you tried the procedure shown at:

Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown

Step 13


Not yet, my kit isn't with me now and I just started looking into it today cause I got real dirty and rinsing it off from the sink while turning it helps. I have read all of the comments on that step now, and see that the ring just sits on the outside of the case. And it just pops off. I don't think I should have any issue servicing it as long as I don't loose the springs and bearings


@itbiteshard Good to hear. BTW, instead of starting a new comment when replying to someone who said something to you, move your cursor over to the right on the bottom of the comments you are replying to. You should see "Reply" and "Action" pop up. Use the Reply to respond directly to another's comments. It was only because I rechecked the thread again to see if there was anything new that I noticed you had replied to me. If you use the Reply when responding the person who you are responding to will receive a notification that you have responded; commenting a participant doesn't get a notification. Not sure why they hide those prompts but imho, it's a pain in the butt because I keep missing possible replies; I only find out about some of them (like yours) by chance. Anyway, good luck with the repairs! :-)


@propman Thanks for the tip. From my phone, you have to touch the comment for the reply button to appear, first time on this forum so. Thanks!


@itbiteshard Ahh...good to know. Thanks for the heads up on that! :-)


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Yes, Make sure you have a lipped tray, in case the ball bearings and springs fly off, if they hit the floor you’ll never see them again.

Lay the watch on the tray.

Using a small screwdriver or spludger, between the bezel and watch gentle and slowly twist the screwdriver or spludger and the bezel will pop off.

There will be a plastic ring, this is meant to be split, you can then carefully clean around the watch face, bezel and plastic ring.

to reinstall the bezel put the plastic ring inside the bezel, bezel on the watch and apply pressure untill it snaps back into place.

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thanks for this i can fix my friends watch now and then she will give it to me later on when she gets a new one


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