bongs but nothing on the screen after that

I am once again trying to fix a powerbook that I have hanging around. I press the power button and the machine bongs but that's about it. The DC in board I believe is fine because I see the green light on the power adapter. I started the machine without the battery and it bonged. I changed the DC to DC in board and the hard drive but that didn't work either. I took a flashlight put it behind the screen by the apple logo and I didn't see any faint graphics.

I was wondering if anyone else would know some trouble shooting solutions. Also, is it possible for the computer to bong with a bad logic board? thanks!

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Hook it up to an external monitor. If this works, you have isolated the problem to the screen area. Boot it in Target Mode to another Mac and run diagnostics on the hard drive. Do you have a history on this machine?

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thank you mayer! I tried your suggestions. I used an adapter and connected the computer to an external device and nothing happened. I then booted the machine into firewire target mode and I was able to get the hard drive on my iMac. I can't repair the disk permissions but I did verify the disk and that was OK and the repair disk said that it was OK too. What should I do next?


You said you hooked up to an external device. Did you use a DVI to VGA adapter? Did you hook it up to a monitor ( a TV will not work)?


I used a mini vga apple adapter that you connect to a RCA composite that I then hooked it up to the television. Why wouldn't a TV work? I use a Powerbook at work and hook it up to a television doing what I just said and it works there.


Is this the same machine that I've already answered questions on?


I have a couple of them that are not working so it might or might not be. However, I just fixed one of them (the 1.5 GHz) that I had with a new logic board and now it works. I am trying to see what the story is with the other ones. I know that this particular one does bong and from what I remember, the other ones didn't. Anyway, I did what you said, any other suggestions? So far, the hard drive works in target mode, it bongs up, DC in board seems to be working with the adapter glowing green so and I changed the DC to DC in board. What else can I do?


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i have a apple powerbook g4 my problem is i turn it on and i get the a hargd drive little icon then a searching icon thats it can you please help me

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