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The Corsair Void Pro RGB is an optimal wireless headphone compatible with most media devices. This set features both dual speakers and a microphone.

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Corsair Void Pro Mic

I have a Corsair Void Pro and the mic on it is completly broken i have soldering tools but i just need the mic is there anywhere i can get it, also the arm on the mic is broken if you need pictures i can send them. Where can i find these parts?

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Do you have access to an 3d printer?


With some edit it could fit. For the microphone replacement, you could use any clip on microphone. Double check that it has an mute button.

If you need better sound quality, i would prefer Antlions ModMics. Wireless and you can use them on future headsets too.

On the void pro ear piece, you have an mute_LED, mic - and + and ground for the microphone.

Block Image

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