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The Saturn Relay was the first and only minivan from the Saturn brand of American automaker General Motors and was built alongside its sisters, the Buick Terraza, the Chevrolet Uplander, and the Pontiac Montana SV6.

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Can't find the starter

I've got directions from you but they are a little vague I'm kind of an idiot when it comes to working on cars so is the transaxle converter on the driver side or the passenger side?

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Grace's Life Garland  lefty hand side looking at the engine. Let’s try to make it easy post some good pictures with your question. Take them like you are standing in front of your vehicle passenger side to your left. Then snap picture looking at the engine and slightly down. I am certain we can point it out for you.

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“I'm kind of an idiot “ no, you are not. You are actually pretty smart. After all, you are coming to iFixit to learn more, that is what makes you pretty smart in my book.

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