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bottom of screen flickering when I increase the brightness.

my iPhone screen flickers at bottom when brightness increases (auto/manual). The more the brightness, more the flickering area goes up. When I lower the brightness to approx 50%, the flickering foes away (may be is goes down enough to be visible) Any quick solutions?

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I have heard of this before occurring in iPhone 5s and 6’s. Unfortunately I don’t have a quick fix. I believe this is due to a bad or missing coil on the back-light circuit which is an on-board component of the main logic board. The only work around I am aware of that you can do yourself would be setting the brightness at 50% or whatever level stops the flickering on your device and turn off the Auto Brightness feature so you can bare with it.

You could reach out to repair specialists such as iPadRehab.com and see if they would fix it for you. It could be an inexpensive fix as long as there was not water damage and there has not been a previous technician inside the device.

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thanks. Would it be a screen replacement or just some coil replacement?


There is a small possibility that there is something wrong with the screen or it's flex cables. But I would think back-light coil in this case which is a soldered on surface mount component of the logic board. Unfortunately, it is a tiny component that would have to be expertly de-soldered and a new one soldered into place. A good repair shop will diagnose and confirm their findings before jumping into a repair. It would be worth a shot to see what a repair shop would charge or estimate for this job.


Thanks a lot.


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