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Model A1138 / 1440x960 screen resolution

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Why I see electrical flash when I connect DC to DC-in

Original power adapter was damaged (burned down/circuit). New power adapter is not "visible" and it doesn't light either green or orange. I want to change DC-in card, the cable DC to DC logic board or the logic board but i don't know which one is damaged. I removed the cable DC to DC board and suddenly power plug started orange. It's not possible to run computer without DC to DC board so I reassembled the DC to DC board again. After connecting power adapter, power plug makes something like short circuit noise hearable in DC-in connector (i see also a blue electric flash in the DC-in connector) and after it doesn't light either green or orange again. when i remove the DC board cable (the 2 wire red and 2 wire black) cable from the DC-in card, the power adapter light orange....

Please help me with it because I don't know wich part is damaged ???

tks for your help !!


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I'm gonna bet that your logic board is fine. (But please don't sue me if I'm wrong! :) lol) There's a good chance the DC card is fine, too!

Your problem could very easily be the new power adapter, though. There are a couple things to check: is it an authentic Apple power adapter? Also: is your new power adapter 65 watts? This is extremely important to find out because Apple made both 45W and 65W PowerBook G4 Power Adapters. The 15-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4s only take the 65W ones. I wouldn't be surprised if this was your problem. If it's not providing sufficient power to the computer, it might not light up.

When you remove the DC card, and you get an orange light, that's understandable. It will not light green if the DC card is not attached to the logic board, I think. But the DC card is quite durable from my experience. I've had to drill out a broken off power adapter prong from it, and it ended up still working perfectly! :)

Anyway, find out if you got the correct adapter. If you did, then I would first find another computer to test it on. It could be another faulty adapter.

If the adapter works, I would then target the DC board. That's the one you would likely replace. I'm fairly certain your logic board is fine, even though your sparking incidents don't sound good at all.

Hope this helped!


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+ excellent advice - Tommy, pull the middle bracket off the back of the DC IN to remove broken pins


OH! REALLY!? That's awesome! Thanks so much, mayer! I really appreciate it! It was quite a while ago that I did the "repair." Haha. I should have examined the DC board more carefully. :)


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tommy tks for your answer, for your information i measured the voltage on the small connector of the DC-in Card (i speak about the white connectore where a wiring (2 red+2black wire) is connected to power the main board. the voltage was 24VDC. is it the normal voltage ? it seams to be hight, my feeling before measuring was to have 5VDC ?? thanks to confirm me the right voltage at the outside of the card !!!



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