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The Logitech Dual Action is a USB, PC controller for gaming

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Is there a way to change the placement of the D-pad and left stick?

Hi I have a Logitech F310 Wired Gamepad.

I am seeking an experience closer to an Xbox controller, meaning that the left analog stick is closer to the left thumb (where the D-pad is currently). I recall seeing a video a while back about a controller whose d pad and analog sticks could be physically reconfigured and repositioned on the fly, so I wondered if there was some way to do this with this gamepad?

For a $30 controller, I don’t expect that there is, but if there happens to be, I would welcome any information!


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If the controller is not designed for D-pad switching then there is no way you could do that, the only solution is to make huge changes but it’s really not worth it and there is small chance for that to work properly.

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