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Repair information and disassembly guides for laptops manufactured by Haier.

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Why is my laptop overheating?

I have Haier laptop model no y11c and it has overheating problem. what is the reason of overheating and how to manage this problem?

Note: this type of laptop has no fan inside.

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Do you use any Android Emulator on your device?

If not then change your laptop cooler. It may solve your problem.


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No fans mean passive cooling, you need to clean the heatsink and make sure there is no dust or anything on the airflow holes.

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Go to power options.

  1. Make sure the Balanced option is selected, then click Change plan settings
  2. Now click the Change advanced power settings link
  3. Expand + the Processor power management option (if your CPU supports it)
  4. Expand + the Maximum processor state option
  5. Click the blue text then set the option to 90% and click Apply
  6. Now click OK to close the Power Options window
  7. Restart your PC
  8. All done!

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