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Anyone replaced a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-M1 CCD sensor?

This is my cameras problem-

If the LCD screen on your DSC-M1 is solid black, or pink and purple running paint when you try to take a picture, you can see the menus perfectly fine & can still play back old images, You have a defective CCD sensor.

Has anyone fixed this and does anyone have a repair manual?

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I replaced the CCD in my DSC-M1. It took me about 15 minutes and was not difficult at all. I do have a manual but I woud have to email it to you.



ide like to replace mine but cant find a ccd sensor at a reasonable price ,can anyone help please


@steve, what do you perceive as reasonable? :-)


Here is one for what I would think might be reasonable....


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You can download the Level 2 Service Manual from here. Also, make sure that the you recheck the flexible ribbon cable of the CCD imager. It does need to be plugged securely in main board connector. The part is available at places like this. Or even but it all depends on your geographical location. a good Google search will of course help you with that. Good Luck

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