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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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Tv not powering on

after about three years, tv won’t turn on. No power at all. Tried all the basic troubleshooting steps (unplugging for 15 minutes, reset button, different outlet, etc.). Since the TVs not under warranty, I decided to attempt a fix, after removing the back panel I can hear a ticking noise coming from one of the components on the power harvesting circuit. It’s the big yellow and black box, I attached an image. 

Block Image

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Carl Sundsten  that is your power supplies transformer. The clicking etc. may just be normal. you need to get your multimeter out and measure the voltages on the connector that connects the main board to the power board. Post some clear pictures so we can see what you see and can hopefully help you out a bit better. Let us know the exact model for your TV. Right now it sound like either a main board or a power board issue.

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