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SCREEN SIZE 46" (117cm), 16:9 TV SYSTEM Digital: DVB-TAnalog: B/G, D/K, I,L,M Year: 2012-2013 http://www.sony.com.sg/electronics/support/televisions-projectors-lcd-tvs/kdl-46hx855/specifications

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My son while playing tried to clean it

my son while playing tried cleaning my tv with water spray now there is sound but no display.. how do i dry the water that must have seeped in n will the tv be working fine after the water dries

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@tassu try something first. With the TV on and you hear sound, in a darkened room, shine a flashlight beam at an angle against the screen. See if you can make out shapes or silhouettes. Let us know what you get. Then you want to unplug the TV and let us know what model this is. The concern here is that something shortened out from the water. Could be the main board, T-con board or the backlight array. Remove the back from your TV and have a look at the boards. Check for obviously damaged components like charred looking etc. Post some good photos of your boards with your question so that we can see what you see. https://www.ifixit.com/User/Activity/263...

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if its water damage and the display isn’t functioning there is most likely corrosion on the circuit board leading to the display meaning you will most likely have to have it either replaced or repaired

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