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Welcome to the Fast Fix project page! The Fast Fix project is part of iFixit's University Technical Writing program. This project is all about quick and simple fixes for household items like bikes, guitars, toys, and more. If you are a student looking for more information on the Fast fix project, please visit edu.ifixit.com and click on the "Fast Fix" project type.

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Can anyone tell me how do I use the flex extension?

Can anyone tell me how do I use the flex extension in Ifixit pro tech kit?? It’s not magnetic.

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Hi @kmredul

Push the bit into the hollow end until it is stuck in place. It will need to be pushed a little harder versus putting the bit directly into the driver. If the bit is not magnetic, you can attach a small magnet to the bit or rub the bit itself against a larger magnet.

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Yeah, I figured it out. BTW thanks for your help.



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