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The 29UM58-P is a 29 inch IPS 21:9 2560x1080 75Hz ultrawide monitor released in September of 2019 by LG.

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Can you replace this screen?

I cannot seem to find a replacement panel for this monitor

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has anyone made a video taking apart an Lg monitor


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Karine M  that is not uncommon since this is still a pretty new monitor. Now what you o need to do is to remove the back from your monitor and identify the panel by the sticker adhered to it. then do an online search by panel not by monitor.

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Try searching on YouTube for a teardown or screen replacement video for your LG model monitor e.g type LG (insert model number) teardown or LG (insert model number) screen replacement in the search box of this link

Sometimes you can be lucky and one is there. For example here’s one for how to disassemble a LG 34UM95C-P / 34UM95-P / 31MU97-B monitor

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Did somebody managed to remove the back? I have a 25um58-p, which is very similar, and I am freaking out about how to unclip the latches of the back cover without risking to damage the LCD screen.

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I am too. Can you tell me what screen it needs? I can't find replacement screen


Be careful when taking it apart, I was impatient and managed to break many of the clips. The few I didn't break are enough to keep the panel on for the most part though so don't be to concerned if you mess up a few clips.


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