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The Samsung Galaxy J3 Mission is a prepaid smartphone offered by Verizon Wireless, launched in November 2015. It is identified by the model number SM-J327VPP.

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Specialty programming in Galaxy J3

I have access to potentially “a lot" of these phones that were used in the medical device field that don't have “typical" cell phone programming. Meaning they have one proprietary app installed locked down to that app with no other of the typical cell phone items - no dialer pad, messaging app etc.

Is there a way to erase that and load the “regular" typical consumer programming on it. Factory reset does not work, I believe the program may be at the firmware level???

I have a call into the medical device manufacturer to be authorized to dispose of the phones (repurpose) them back to regular public cell phones. Thoughts?

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Only thing I can think of would be to flash the rom with a stock version of android that would come with that phone. You will need to be sure that all, and I mean ALL old data is wiped without a trace, as patient data may still be on it. Since you have alot of them, you have a couple to set aside for trying out as flashing the rom, if not done right, will brick the phone.

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Thanks for the quick response. All patient data is already removed from the phone before I get it.

I didn't think about flashing the ROM


Be careful about doing this though. As I had said, it will brick the phone if not done properly.


My entry cost for the phone is $0 so I can afford to brick a few. Alas, I've never flashed ROM. But, that's y I'm here. To learn. Time to do some research.


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