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Digital Galaxy 737 LED. Made by Dream Land (I think). This projector is made and shipped from China. It is unclear who the manufacturer is. Decent cheap projector for low quality needs.

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The projector has green and red lights flashing on top with power on

Can I use usb cable to run the projector. All out of hdmi ports on back of Xbox x

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According to the DG 737 LED user manual, the only signal sources accepted by the projector are HDMI, Component video (Red/blue/green +red/white audio), Composite video (yellow + red/white audio) and vga.

Not quite sure what you mean by connecting via USB as the “Video output for the Xbox One X console is HDMI only”. Quote from Xbox One X user guide (if this is the model Xbox you’re referring to)

Perhaps you could investigate the possibility of using a HDMI splitter - info only to connect an already in use HDMI output on the Xbox, to the projector

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