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Veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016. Modelbezeichnung 1660, 1778. Verfügbar in den Versionen: GSM oder CDMA / 32, 128 oder 256GB / Rosé Gold, Gold, Silber, Mattschwarz oder Hochglanz-Schwarz

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Proximity Sensor won't work, no matter what!

Hey Everybody!

I’m at my wits end here - i’m sitting here with 2 iphone 7 on which i have replaced the screen, just like a thousand other iphone 7’s.. I’m used to sensors not wanting to work on every screen, and sometimes you have to adjust the sensor - sometimes you need to either scratch off some of the “painting”, sometimes you have to make it a bit darker - standard stuff.. However, this time, something really is off.. No matter what i do, there is no life in the sensor - i’ve tried 10 different sensor flex, i’ve tried 10 different screens - including 100% original screens (pulled). In every case, the camera works, the speaker works, but the sensor is dead.. Completely.. I’ve also had the sensor flex installed loosely, without mounting it on the screen to test with open phone, still the same.. Before installing, i remove the battery, every time - also on the original repair.. Nothing looks burnt, as i’ve had them both under microsope, and nothing looks off either..

Both phones run IOS 13(.x.x) - software wipe has not helped either.. Has anyone experinced anything like this? Does anyone have a clue as to what i can do? Board-level repairs are also welcome, if anyone can tell me where to start looking!

Many thanks in advance!

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Have you tried replacing the sensor?


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I would start looking at the board. I think there are only three connections on the FPC.

 The first one I would check is the 3V line then the two data lines. One should be an SDA line which usually goes from the FPC to a CAP then a resistor before heading to the CPU. Check the resistor hasn’t been nudged while connecting the flex.

 The last one is the other data line, that should be your SCl line for the clock signal, they usually go to a CAP than to a filter before heading to the CPU. Check the filter is not damaged or nudged. If all these check out fine the only place left is the CPU

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