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Modell A2159, EMC 3301. Eine Neuauflage des Einstiegsmodells des MacBook Pro. Erhältlich in Silver und Space Gray. Erschienen im Juli 2019.

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Samsung QVO 860 compatibility with an external enclosure (Usb type C)

Hi, I have just bought a new Samsung QVO 860 and have used an external SSD enclosure (Orico USB type C 2.5inch enclosure) to make it work as an external SSD. However, when connecting to my MacBook Pro (running Mojave) it does not show in finder and disk utility. I’ve also tried using software like texura to try and initialise it but the ssd still does not show up.

Is it because of some type of compatibility issues with the GVO 860 and Mac OS?

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SATA is SATA so the drive is not your issue! If you had a older Unibody MacBook Pro which offered an internal SATA port it would work without a problem.

Your Orico case has the needed logic to convert the SATA interface to USB-C or Thunderbolt3. Are you sure its able to work with your MacBook Pro?

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Thanks for taking the time to answer.

I had tried to use the enclosure and SDD combo with a windows computer and going thru utilities such as device manager and it has come to the same conclusion. However, I had an old HDD from a computer that was still working and tried to test the enclosure and the HDD was not showing up. So it seems like a faulty enclosure I think.

What would your conclusion be based on this?


Yes, that's what I would think. Time to return it and get a replacement.

Here's another option StarTech - USB 3.1 (10Gbps) Tool-Free Enclosure for 2.5in SATA SSD/HDD - USB-C


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Format the drive APSF and your Mojave will see it.

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