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Die zehnte Auflage von Samsungs Flaggschiff kam im März 2019 mit Android 9.0 (Pie) auf den Markt.

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Help with some advice

Hi guys! I'd really appreciate some advice her. I'm trying to make some extra money to support my family. I decided to learn how to fix phones. I've been trying to phone flip. There is a broken samsung galaxy s10. The back glass is cracked, the frame is fine. But the front glass is also cracked. The screen doesnt work, but it flickers when its turned on. I was wondering if a screen swap would fully fix the issue? I was going to offer 130 CAD for it (about 100 usd) is this a fair price to pay?

Also I have some other questions. I need some advice for prices I should pay for broken display phones

Samsung s8 plus broken display

S9 broken display

iPhone x broken display

iPhone 8 broken display

Thank you SO much. I am just a beginner trying to make it in the world. Your advice means alot to me.

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Samsung s8 plus broken display - Make sure to buy replacement screen that with frame, saves the hassle of adhering the replacement screen on and makes it easier to change.

S9 broken display - Same as above. From memory I got my S8+ fixed for $280 AUD prices haven't changed much i think.

iPhone x broken display - There's different qualities of screen. Starting from lowest TFT, colours not good, thicker frame resulting in harder to damage. Around $20 AUD less compared to soft OLED.

Then you have soft OLED flexible but thinner bezels, same style display, good colors but bit pricey. They go around $130-$180 AUD.

Hard OLED, best color reproduction, fragile because non flexible display making it brittle but closest to OEM color quality.

iPhone 8 broken display - Any reputable screen will do. Colors are a bit worse on cheaper aftermarket screens but not too bad.

Yeah the flickering screen is result of damaged display replacing will fix. Depending on how much you get the S10 display for it may be too cheap.

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