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The 2009-2014 Ford F-150 was introduced for the 2009 model year as an update of the Ford full-size truck platform.

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Power windows stopped working

I have a 2012 F250. The windows stopped working unless I open the driver’s door, and move it back and forth till I find a spot where the window switch will work. I had replaced the switch before I found that I could use the windows if I opened the door.

I took off door panel today and moved around the wires because I could not get windows to move even with the door open. Any ideas?

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The wire is not broken in the door, its broken in the hinge area between the door and the body of the vehicle, peel back the rubber boot covering the harness and fix the wire there.

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I took it apart, but didn’t see an obvious broken wire. However, I was able to wiggle the bundle around and got the window up. Is there any way to know which wire might be broken?


If you have a volt meter, put the black wire on ground, put the red wire on one of the wires at the window motor connector, should be 2 wires. When you want the window to go up, one of the wires will be 12 volts, when you want the motor to go down, the other wire will be 12 volts. I will think that neither wire will be 12 volts when you push up or down, keep your red meter lead there while pushing the button, wiggle the wires until you get power on one of the wires, you found the wire, trace the break. worse case, you only need to trace the 2 window motor wires. Maybe the connector itself is corroded. Put your red lead into the back side of the connector to test it.


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