Why is my earpiece not working even after replacing it?

So i got a oneplus 6 from a friend with a cracked screen and no sound whatsoever coming from the earpiece, the screen i will fix on another time i just need the earpiece to work, i thought it would be an easy fix, i ordered the part went ahead and replaced it and well. still nothing, im not quite sure what else to do, could there be an issue with the board bracket that goes on top of the board or the board itself . Ive looked at the contact points and they look fine.

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Does the headphone icon appear when you plug in a set of headphones?

Does any audio coming from the main speaker stop when you plug in a set of headphones?

Have you checked the sound settings in the phone, you didn't say and may have overlooked something?

Have you tried starting the phone in safe mode just in case it is a downloaded app that is causing the problem.

If there is still no audio from the socket after trying the above then as you have replaced the socket it looks like a board problem.

Here's an image taken from the teardown guide showing the audio codec (yellow box) just in case you can spot something


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