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Sega Master System is Sega's 2nd Console and was a part of the Third Console Generation. It was originally called Sega Mark III when it was released in Japan in 1985, when it got released in America in 1986, in Europe in 1987 and rereleased in Japan in 1987 it got renamed to Sega Master System with a new design (Model 1 & 2).

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Can I use uk psu on canadian sms?

Im based in the uk, can i use a uk sega master system psu on a french sega master system?

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Thankyou very much. Yes i have the canadian sms mark1 in the uk, beautiful condition and didnt want to ruin it. Thanks again.


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@danny79 if you are talking about the AC wall adapter then yes, you can use it on the Canadian SMS. This of course means that you have the Canadian SMS in the UK…….

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Also is the canadian version the same as french version? Sorry i have a few sega master systems and have confused my question.


Yes since they are all running on DC but require an AC wall adapter. For as long as you have the right output voltage it is okay to use them.


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