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Find repair information and more about the Crosley CT18GK*R*0* refrigerator—a top freezer model with a door-based access system, automatic defrost feature, and an Anti-Sweat Heater Switch. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern CT18GK*R*0*.

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1988 Hotpoint GE no frost refrigerator-freezer: CTX18GKER stopped work

1988 Hotpoint GE no frost refrigerator-freezer: CTX18GKER stopped working. I did find the refrigerator gasket was broken and i did Replaced it . Now the fan inside the refrigerator are working but the air is Hot while the compressor fan start working and stop every 3 second with a click. After few minutes the compressor fan start again and after 3 seconds stop again with a click. I touched the compressor and it has normal temperature. This refrigerator was Uploaded in 1995 do to a recall.

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Does the compressor run continually trying to drive down the temperature?

Is the evaporator unit in the freezer compartment icy cold to the touch, (be careful when you go to test if it is or not)?

If the compressor is running and the evaporator unit is not cold then there is a problem in the sealed system.

This could be due to a blockage, a faulty compressor or a lack of refrigerant.

Is there an oily residue below the compressor or condenser coils at all which may indicate a leak?

The high and low pressures of the sealed system will need to be checked by a licensed refrigerator repairer (at least here it does due to government environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerants) to find out what and where the problem may be.

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1988 Hotpoint GE Nofrost Refrigerator-Freezer CTX18GKER is not working. I did replace a Gasket. When I started the unit in full power (Freezer-E and refrigerator 9) it worked with a 10F. Freezer and a 40F. Refrigerator and started making a little ice. I did lower the power to C and 4- and the Refrigerator stopped working having hot air inside. Pulled the plug and waited about 5 hours. Plugged in the Refrigerator and the inside fan working with HOT air and the fan on the lower right side in the back of the unit starting and stopping with a click doing this every 3 minutes for ever. Compressor not running but the fans start. No oil residue. The Gasket Seals are working fine, ONLY HOT AIR Inside the refrigerator.



Since the compressor is not starting, you would need to check if power is being applied to the compressor motor or not.

If it is then you may have a faulty start winding in the motor.

If it isn't then you may have a faulty thermostat.

Be careful if you go to test for power as there are lethal voltages involved. If you don't know what you're doing, get an expert to look at it.

Here's a link to the partsfor your fridge which may be of some help


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